Quest offer a full range of Services from fundraising to exit and everything in between.


Depending on the growth plan there may be a requirement for growth or acquisition capital. This requirement can be presented to the company’s existing investors, bankers and new equity and debt providers as required.

In the case where new capital is required Quest works with the Company to prepare an information memorandum or such other investment communication as required to inform investors of the requirement, the opportunity and the risks.

We will work with you to arrive at an appropriate valuation which we will stand behind as we move the process forward.

We manage all aspects of the fundraising process to include:

Identification and introduction to the right potential funders
Supporting negotiations with potential funders
Liaising with existing shareholders
Coaching management in preparation for investor presentations; and
Coordinating investor presentations and deal conclusion
Our goal to make the process as streamlined as possible, allowing an organisation to continue to focus on important operational matters in what is a transformational event for any business.



By restructuring we mean the re-alignment of a business with its environment, enabling it to address new market conditions. We understand that restructuring has negative connotations, but do not believe that this is necessarily the case in the real world. The fact that a business is capable of being restructured can be a positive sign. Often a business will need help with the restructuring process and it can be useful to have an experienced third party to assist if the restructuring is to be successful.

Quest offer a full cycle restructuring service ranging from analysis of the options available to the implementation and monitoring of the restructuring plan.

Restructuring can be a complex matter involving timely negotiations with creditors, debt providers, equity holders, staff representatives, customers, suppliers, landlords and new investors.

Quest takes a hands-on approach and has the experience to give stakeholders the confidence required to take a restructuring project through to a successful conclusion.

Stakeholder Alignment

We work with the company’s to ensure that the shareholders, debt providers, management and other stakeholders are completely aligned in terms of growth objectives and benefit from achieving value uplift.

Strategic Option Review

We work closely with the Board and management to understand of the options available to the business and the opportunity, cost and risks involved in each. The output of the review is normally a report and recommendations with a costed and timetables plan setting out the roadmap for the Board.

Human Resources

Growth often involves the need for hands on experienced financial support services which Quest are able to offer. All Quest staff have Board level experience of running a company’s finances.